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How did Tenerife derive it’s name?

In Spanish I noticed that most of the street names and place names have a meaning. This started me on a hunt to find out what Tenerife actually means, as there is no obvious answer.   After trying many options I finally found a flag site that described how the name came about –

“The name of Tenerife is derived from the language of the Benehaorits – the natives of nearby La PalmaTene means mountain and ife means white. After colonisation by Spain, the letter r was added, uniting both words.”  Source –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Tenerife .
This is saying that the word Tenerife means White Mountain, which is obviously due to the fact that there are times when Mount Teide does have snow on it.
As Mount Teide does not have snow on it for much of the year, I have decided to look at it another way.
The Spanish word ‘Tener’ is the verb to have, and ‘fe’ means faith, so personally I prefer the significance of the word Tenerife to mean  – “to have faith”.
As Tenerife is a highly religious country, mostly of catholic origins; I think that it is a more emotive and accurate translation of  the word “Tenerife”.

Eight Reasons to Love Tenerife mnemonically 🙂



 The weather and temperature is mostly stable here throughout the year, with virtually guaranteed sunshine most days! During the winter months the days are slightly cooler , ( it is still hot enough to sunbathe if you want ! ).  For the winter evenings you may need to wear some warmer clothes , but nothing like the jackets,  jumpers and boots that you need in the UK! Tenerife also has many micro climates;  so for those of you who prefer the  cooler option, along with perhaps some rain, this can be easily reached, thus making it an ideal island for everyone! 🙂


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