Health & Well Being

Yes, there is a whole wealth of information out there for you on health, well-being, fitness, self help etc. There can be so much information that you could feel overwhelmed by the amount of it all, after all, depending on how much research you do the advice for what you are looking for appears to be conflicting. Which way do you turn? What if you try these things and they do not work? What if, (depending on what you are searching for) the diagnosis/ self diagnosis is not right?

The aim here is not to give you a whole list of ailments and the variety of ways in which it can be treated / helped; there are plenty of sites for that.

It is important to get ‘back to basics’, learn to become instinctive, recognise what our bodies are trying to tell us and to listen to ourselves.

Who knows you better, you or your Doctor for example? Think about it, you live with yourself 24 hours a day, everyday. Only you know truly what you are doing, how your life is etc. Everybody is different.