Tiredness can Kill, HOW to Take a Break :)


Ever felt tired on a long drive down the motorway? Desperate to get to where you’re going, but knowing that you do feel tired? You have turned up some lively music and sung along with it, wriggled about in your seat, opened the window…. but still you know you cannot and must not drive any longer…. in which case you need head to the next motorway stop in the hope that coffee will get you through.

Thank you to BBC2’s documentary – The Truth about Sleep, presented by Dr Michael Mosley, there was an interesting nugget of information about how this should be done much more effectively,  which I had not heard about before.

In short it may surprise you to know that if you have a black coffee, followed by a fifteen to twenty minute nap, that it increases your alertness and reflexes to above average.

The four volunteers all had driver fatigue and felt sleepy, Michael carried out a basic reflex test on them before they had their coffee, which they than drank, had a nap in their car and then were retested. They all reported feeling more alert and energetic, and their reflex time had increased substantially.

The theory behind this is that coffee takes twenty minutes to have an effect, thus meaning that you can fall asleep easily, ( because you are still tired ), which gives you that all important rest and then, when you wake up you have the boost from the coffee so that you can drive safely. It is important to combine the sleep with the coffee, one or the other does not give the same result.

Please note that this is a quick fix only and not to be used continuously!

Truth about Sleep BBC2 Documentary  – if you just want to skip to the part referred to in this article, it is about forty-one minutes in 🙂

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